About the Book

A Love Story of Impossible Bottles is a gift to my late husband, Chris A. Brown, and his love of this unique form of art.

One of Chris's many hobbies was "impossible bottles," which is the art of filling bottles with objects that are obviously too big to fit through the bottleneck, like the proverbial ship in a bottle. People typically say, 'How did you do that?'

Chris became interested in making impossible objects and, especially, Impossible Bottles after he’d read an article on the late Harry Eng in Games magazine years ago. He was astounded by the bottles and even more intrigued by how Eng created them. Chris had always been looking for a unique hobby and thought this could be it, but he was reluctant to give it a try. After a few years of talking about it, he decided to make one to see how it would look. After that one bottle, he developed his own branding of Impossible Bottles.

To us, this unique branding of Impossible Bottles symbolizes a person’s heart. We don't easily let everything come in, but when someone or something is special and dear to us, it stays in our heart like the memories captured in those bottles.

Before Chris's death, he had begun writing a book, which was to act as a tutorial, as well as share some of his favorite bottles; however, he never got a chance to tell his story. I realized I needed to finish the book as a permanent tribute to his memory.

However, I didn’t start to write the book until a few months after Chris’s passing when members of his family and some of his friends wanted to participate in the Hardcore Mudd Run at Tussey Mountain. It was something that Chris had signed up to do.

While I stood in the rain for six hours and watched Chris’s son and daughter and some of his friends, as well as my daughter, Jackie, struggle through the eight-mile course that I became inspired to not only create a bottle based on the run, but also write the book.

Just seeing their spirit [as they ran the course], all of a sudden, in my mind, it came to me that I can build a bottle to commemorate this event. Then the title, A Love Story of Impossible Bottles, came to me. Once I had this title, I felt excited. I knew what I needed to do to write this book. It was more incentive, more motivation for me. ... It would talk about family and love. ... Once I got the title, everything fell into place.

For the following 10 months, I occupied myself in my free time working non-stop. I completed Chris’s wish of publishing a book. A Love Story of Impossible Bottles was published one year after Chris’s death, and then released in a second edition a year later.

The first part of the book details specific bottles that are very dear to me, Chris, or both of us. The bottles are about love, friendship, family, relationships, tragedy, loss, and even my personal journey to become an American. The second half of the book teaches readers how to make their own special bottles.

Completing this book has been a very important healing process for me. When Chris died, I was so heart broken that I questioned if God really cared about me or even existed. I could see why some people who had been in my shoes engaged regretful actions such as drinking excessively because they just wanted to numb their feelings.

It is that after publishing the book especially the second edition, I started to see the grace of God.

Through the process of channeling my emotions and energy into my work and seeing the skills I have developed, I came to a realization that human emotions are a form of energy! It’s like fire. Fire in and of itself is neither bad nor good. It’s how we use it. We could use fire to burn down a house (bad) or send a rocket to the moon (good).

This profound realization awakened my soul--I can see God has given me a tremendous opportunity to reach deeper and grow. I hope my journey and my book tells a story that life is a series of choices; it’s up to us how to take on challenges and harness the energy for greater purposes.

Author Kathy Brown