Reviews from Readers

(The following comments are from people world-wide. These comments certainly help me to think that my book is worthwhile to share with other people. Thank you all!    ~~ from Kathy Brown)

"Kathy, I recently purchased your book from iTunes and thoroughly enjoyed its content. I think it's a beautiful idea that you can celebrate your husband’s life with others through these writings and bottles. I am making an impossible bottle for my mum. She is terminally ill with breast cancer and I hope my little magic tricks I perform for her bring out a smile."
"Kathy, my six-year-old daughter loves your book and wants to start learning how to make impossible bottles. She made me read her all the instructions for how to make the match box bottle and asked me to see if we had all the tools to get her started. It was so cute!!!!!!!! She is quite a fan!"
"A Love Story of Impossible Bottles is a charming, deeply moving and unique book. Not many authors manage to combine how-to material with autobiographical and biographical episodes in a compelling way. On top of that, the author’s voice is clear, pleasant and often witty. The characters she adeptly presents are endearing to the reader, and the author’s heartbreak – and eventual acceptance – can be felt on the page."
"This is a truly wonderful love story that presents love as it 'transcends race, culture, life and death'. I enjoyed reading it very much. The focus on the 'Impossible Bottles', each cleverly crafted by Chris and Kathy, is very unique and creative and the bottles provide an almost magic thread that ties together the extended family and friends and Arlo, the dog, who all have a share in the love between Kathy and Chris. Even at the end, in the section that illustrates how to construct an impossible bottle, the reader is challenged to become involved, more in a constructive way. The presentation is both honest and open, very much so, and touches many aspects of love in an American family setting. What perhaps is lacking is an entry that addresses the intimacy and passion between Kathy and Chris, but perhaps this is too private. I was struck by the rise and sudden fall of the relationship, its intensity at its peak, and the mature response to the tragedy of the death of Chris. I like the format of 14 separate themes, each standing alone. This makes the book easy to read and a great bedside companion. The words are easy to read and nicely put together. Often I appreciated the choice of individual words. The photographs are of good quality, although the content of some of the bottles is hard to recognize. One could argue that this adds to the charm of the book. The length also is good, not too long. Parts 2 and 3 might be better interchanged. All in all, the love story presented in this book is charming and magical and truly 'transcends race, culture, life and death'"
"The author Kathy Brown has written a book inspired by her late husband, who died suddenly and tragically at the young age of fifty-two. This book is based upon a beautiful concept: bottles, all of which hold some special memory after which they are named. The first part of the manuscript details specific bottles that are very dear to the author, her deceased husband, or the both of them, while the second half teaches the reader how to make these special bottles on their own. This is a very touching book, and it is well written. The author has a clear and easy-to-read writing style."
"Graphics are great, and the story is tragic, but inspiringly beautiful. Very well written and worth the time even if you've never tried putting something in a bottle. Challenging, but a good hobby!"
“'Impossible Bottles' are bottles filled with mementos and items that to all appearances could not possibly have been put into them. This book teaches one not only the art and techniques of making impossible bottles, but it’s author shows us the meaning and love that go into them. You will be inspired to make your own. The love story of the title refers to the author and her late husband, Chris Brown who made many impossible bottles as both a hobby and as gifts to loved ones. Through individual bottles we get a glimpse into the life of the author and her family. They are revealed through the stories behind the contents chosen for each person. You see them through the love that goes into the making of their bottle. And you will find yourself thinking of the things you would fill a bottle with to try to capture the story and spirit of the people in your life."
"This was a very heartfelt and inspiring story of impossible bottles. Each bottle described in this story had a very special meaning that helped to preserve important memories. The time, patience, and effort made to create these bottles is truly amazing."
"Kathy, A Love Story of Impossible Bottles is beautiful, tender and so heartfelt. What a love letter to your husband, Chris. What amazing stories you have!"
"Kathy, Your book is not only a poignant, uplifting, celebrative tribute to Chris, but, simultaneously a loving invitation to humanity…to memorialize OUR lives through the art of Impossible Bottles!!"
"Kathy, Your talk this evening was memorable! The bottles are amazing, but I was especially touched by your personal story. You are one brave and strong lady! Thank you for sharing."
"Kathy, Really enjoyed reading your heart-felt book. You can tell the love that went into it. I enjoy doing the bottles for me and also to those who need an uplifting. "
"Kathy, I’ve always been fascinated by ‘impossible bottles’ and I’m very glad I got a copy of your book. It’s touching, it’s moving and it’s a wonderful tribute and statement of love to Chris. Well done! … At this stage, I'm better with tennis balls than with decks of cards, but it's a matter of practice. I gave a tennis playing couple and tennis ball inside a narrow necked jar. The ball has their initials and wedding date and the phrase 'love all' on the ball - with a few hearts. They loved it."