Safety and Warnings

They say you can’t make an omelet without cracking a few eggs. Well, you can’t make an impossible bottle collection without cracking a few bottles!

To do any of the Impossible Bottles described in this book, you will work with glass, knives, scissors, and other sharp objects. Please use common sense to protect yourself and others around you. Glass can break and shatter, potentially causing cuts or throwing shards and splinters into your hand and home. Always wear safety glasses and keep a first-aid kit nearby. Always clean up broken glass or other broken objects immediately. Always put away glass, tools, and other things for making an Impossible Bottle when you leave your work area. Keep all glass, knives, blades, and other sharp objects out of the reach of small children.

The physics of sharp objects and skin may be incredibly obvious to most. You know your limitations and should only use the tools you are comfortable and confident using. After using a tool, secure it immediately. You may consider using plastic bottles and non-invasive tools to start or if you decide to work with children.

Bullet Safety

All bullets used in the bottles shown in this book are rendered completely inert by a professional armorer. Never use bullets in any bottle until a professional has rendered them completely inert. That is, the bullets we used will not discharge under any conditions, like extreme/intense heat from a fire or blunt force trauma (striking the primer).

You should not use any bullets in your own creations unless you use inert bullets. You are advised to seek out and employ a professional armorer who has knowledge of the dangers of bullets and can render a bullet completely inert.